A Decade of Excellence: How AeroEx Transformed aps’ Compliance and Management Systems

In the fast-evolving aerospace industry, staying ahead in compliance and management efficiency is a formidable challenge. This case study explores the decade-long partnership between AeroEx, a leader in aerospace compliance and safety solutions, and aps Aviation Parts Service GmbH, a prominent player in the aviation sector.

Client Profile

aps Aviation Parts Service GmbH has established itself as a pivotal entity in the aerospace industry, specializing in providing top-tier aviation parts and services. However, navigating the intricate web of industry regulations and optimizing their management system for peak efficiency remained a significant challenge.


The primary challenge for aps was twofold: First, to streamline and refine their management systems to align with stringent aviation standards, specifically for the EN 9120 certification. Second, to ensure their internal processes were robust and efficient, keeping up with the dynamic changes in aerospace compliance and safety.


AeroEx stepped in as a strategic partner, bringing a decade of expertise and innovative solutions. Our approach was comprehensive:

  1. Management System Overhaul: AeroEx conducted an in-depth analysis of aps’s existing management systems, identifying areas of improvement and implementing a refined, compliance-focused framework.
  2. EN 9120 Certification Preparation: Leveraging their extensive knowledge of aviation standards, AeroEx meticulously prepared aps for the EN 9120 certification audit, ensuring every criterion was met with excellence.
  3. Continuous Optimization: Beyond initial improvements, AeroEx provided ongoing support in managing and optimizing aps’s systems, demonstrating a commitment to long-term operational excellence.
  4. Advanced Software Implementation: The introduction of AMAS.aero software was pivotal. This tool provided aps with a cutting-edge solution for managing compliance and safety processes efficiently.
  5. Regular Internal Audits: AeroEx conducted thorough internal audits, preparing aps for external evaluations like TÜV, thus ensuring continuous adherence to compliance standards.


The partnership yielded remarkable results:

  • Successful EN 9100 Certification: aps smoothly achieved certification, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to quality and safety.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The revamped management systems and the integration of AMAS.aero software led to more streamlined, efficient operations.
  • Preparedness for External Audits: With AeroEx’s guidance, aps consistently excelled in external audits, solidifying their reputation in the industry.
  • Long-term Partnership: The continued reliance on AeroEx’s expertise and the AMAS.aero software highlights the lasting value of this partnership.
"Over many years of collaboration, our partnership with AeroEx has evolved into a deeply trusting and close-knit relationship, pivotal to the growth of aps Aviation Parts Service GmbH. Their comprehensive analysis of our management systems and profound understanding of aviation standards have been key to our successful EN 9120 certification audit. More than consultants, AeroEx has been a pillar of support, continually fine-tuning our operations and solidifying our trust through the effectiveness of the AMAS.aero software.

Their role in conducting our internal audits has been outstanding, ensuring compliance and brilliantly preparing us for TÜV reviews. AeroEx stands out for their personalized approach and keen understanding of our unique needs. They’ve been adept at identifying and rectifying inefficiencies, streamlining our processes with a keen focus on safety and compliance.

The benefits of their training, documentation revision, and project management have been invaluable, particularly their guidance on IS-BA registration. Looking ahead, our reliance on AeroEx remains unwavering. They’re more than a service provider; they're a committed partner in our journey towards aeronautical excellence.

For any aviation sector entity seeking steadfast guidance and expertise, AeroEx is the go-to partner."
Wolfgang Dillbaum-Alexius
Managing Director, aps Aviation Parts Service GmbH


The collaboration between AeroEx and aps Aviation Parts Service GmbH is a testament to the power of expert guidance and innovative solutions in achieving operational excellence in the aerospace industry. The case study demonstrates how the right partnership can not only solve immediate challenges but also pave the way for sustained success and growth.
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