Combined Wingman Safety Certification + EASA Independent Compliance Audit 

Discover the Power of Compliance and Safety with AeroEx and Wyvern

At AeroEx, in partnership with Wyvern, we are proud to introduce our unique package – the Combined Wingman Safety Certification + EASA Independent Compliance Audit. This package not only brings together the strengths of both AeroEx and Wyvern, but it also integrates two crucial aspects of aviation operations: safety and compliance.

For aviation companies looking to boost their safety standards and compliance adherence, this package provides a comprehensive solution that covers all bases. By combining the Wingman Safety Certification with the EASA Compliance Audit, we offer a streamlined and efficient approach to meeting industry standards.

Here's what our process involves:


Project Management and Document Review

back office

Our experts begin by thoroughly planning and managing the project, conducting a detailed review of your documents to check for compliance. This step is crucial in establishing a solid foundation for the audit plan and ensuring that your organization is ready for the audit.


Combined Wingman Registration Audit and EASA Compliance Audit

on-site: two days with two auditors

Next, our team of auditors will visit your site for two days. They will perform an audit in accordance with the current Wingman standard and the EASA management system requirements. This comprehensive audit includes safety and compliance management, offering you an in-depth assessment of your operations.


Post-processing and Preparation of Audit Documentation

back office

After the on-site audit, our team evaluates the audit results and prepares a detailed report. If any corrective actions are necessary, we will include these in the report. Once everything is in order, we will proceed with your Wingman registration with Wyvern.

EASA-compliant Part-145 MOE template according to regulation (EU) 2021/1963 in Webmanuals, including helpful information, standard processes, and samples.
This MOE template makes it easy for any maintenance organization to implement and comply with the new legal regulations quickly. Experience has shown that creating a new manual based on a professional manual template is more accessible than revising the existing manual, which is primarily outdated and no longer complies with the regulations.

The MOE template is delivered in your Webmanuals portal and cross-linked to each EASA Part 145 reference in the Webmanuals library.

Benefits of an independent compliance audit to your organization:

Why Choose the Combined Wingman Safety Certification + EASA Independent Compliance Audit?

Comprehensive Coverage

Our package covers both safety and compliance, offering a comprehensive solution that caters to all your needs.

Efficient Process

We streamline the audit process, combining two audits into one to save you time and resources.


Our team of auditors are experts in their field, offering you the best in terms of knowledge and experience.

Independent compliance audits offer several benefits to your organization:

Objective assessment

Independent compliance audits are conducted by external auditors who are impartial and unbiased. They bring an objective perspective to evaluating an organization’s compliance practices, policies, and procedures. This helps identify any gaps or deficiencies that may have been overlooked internally.

Enhanced credibility

An independent compliance audit adds credibility to an organization’s compliance program. It demonstrates to stakeholders, including clients, investors, regulators, and the public, that the organization is committed to upholding high compliance standards. This can enhance trust and reputation.

Compliance effectiveness

Independent audits assess the effectiveness of an organization’s compliance controls and systems. They identify areas of non-compliance or weaknesses in existing processes, enabling organizations to take corrective actions promptly. This helps in improving overall compliance effectiveness and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Risk mitigation

By identifying compliance gaps, an independent audit helps organizations mitigate risks associated with non-compliance. It provides an opportunity to address vulnerabilities before they escalate into significant issues, such as legal violations, regulatory penalties, reputational damage, or financial losses.

Regulatory requirements

Many industries and jurisdictions have regulatory requirements mandating independent compliance audits. Conducting such audits ensures that organizations meet these obligations and comply with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. It helps organizations avoid potential penalties or legal consequences for non-compliance.

Process improvement

Independent audits often provide recommendations and best practices for improving compliance processes. These recommendations can help organizations streamline operations, strengthen internal controls, and implement more effective compliance measures. This, in turn, can enhance operational efficiency and reduce the likelihood of compliance failures.

Internal control evaluation

Independent compliance audits evaluate an organization’s internal controls, including policies, procedures, and systems. By assessing the effectiveness of these controls, organizations can identify areas of improvement and implement measures to strengthen internal governance and risk management.

Board and management oversight

Independent audits provide a mechanism for the board of directors and senior management to exercise their oversight responsibilities. They help ensure compliance-related risks are appropriately identified, managed and reported. Audits also provide valuable insights to the board and management, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding compliance strategies and resource allocations.

Continuous improvement

Independent audits can be conducted periodically, allowing organizations to assess their compliance efforts over time. By tracking progress, organizations can identify trends, monitor the implementation of corrective actions, and continuously improve their compliance programs.

Combined Wingman Safety Certification + EASA Independent Compliance Audit 

Are you ready to take your safety and compliance standards to the next level? Fill out this form to learn more about our Combined Wingman Safety Certification + EASA Independent Compliance Audit package. Together, we can make your aviation operations safer and more compliant.

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